Saturday, 25 June 2016

Single: Stevie Cliff - Maybe

Stevie Cliff Maybe

Stevie Cliff - Maybe

Info: Dublin synth-pop / indie solo act Stevie Cliff releases the second single from his forthcoming album (due 2017), 'Maybe', as the follow up to the delicious 'Burn Baby Burn' which came out earlier this year. 

Produced by Ciaran O'Shea (The Frank & the Walters, Toy Soldier) the track is a well crafted piece of existential pop that provokes the listener to question the illusory nature of 21st century existence.

When held in comparison with the Artist's uber-catchy debut single "Burn Baby Burn" "Maybe" demonstrates a shift in lyrical expression that is far deeper on a philosophical level than the somewhat bubblegum subject matter of his first release. 

The single officially drops on the 11th of July with an accompanying video.

'Maybe' contrast to Cliff's last single on a number of counts, firstly it's more low-key than it's funky predecessor, but there's also a notable increase in focus on his electronic sound. His vocals are undisputedly suited to the genre he operates in and here there's a bit of added soul to the vox, but kind of 70's disco-funk at the same time, an unusual but very pleasing cocktail. As long as he can stay this loose we should be in for a real treat when the album proper comes out next year, because Stevie Cliff's cool is contagious so far.

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