Saturday, 11 June 2016

Track: Lighght - Down

Lighght Down

Lighght - Down

Info: Lighght is an experimental and electronic composer from Co. Cork who recently released his latest track, 'Down' (above), a dark, strange piece in the style of Clark/Arca which eventually morphs into some groovy House music.

Etched in a similar mould to fellow Cork electronic act Leopard Skin Jasper or Dublin's Bantum, Lighght's 'Down' inhabits dimly lit and industrial soundscapes, also briefly showing sparks of the likes of Four Tet in his beats, the track gradually evolves towards heavier house sounds and rhythms. Listening through the other tracks on Lighght's SoundCloud page it's clear he doesn't care much for boundaries (check out 'Croesus Pieces' and 'Texture & Heft') and has a rich palette of ideas when it comes to electronic exploration which will surely only get bigger and better.

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