Saturday, 11 June 2016

Video: FOXTALES - Cracked

FOXTALES - Cracked Spider

FOXTALES - Cracked

Info: FOXTALES are a mostly girl band, made up of four girls, and one boy; Amy (guitar/vocals) Cassie (guitar/vocals) Angela (mandolin/vocals) Briony (bass) and The Scoon (drums). They create a dark psychedelic folk, woven with glittering harmonies that tell stories of lust, love and loss.

FOXTALES have been frequenting the Manchester music scene since their birth early last year, the latest single from their forthcoming EP, 'Cracked' is; "Inspired by our favourite horror films and VHS tape, we went for a look that really illustrates the theme of the song. 'CRACKED', described simply, is about the physcial side of a relationship"

Now here's a band I can really get on board with, with two seriously solid singles now under their belts courtesy of 'Cracked' and 'Spider' (below), the five-piece merge various genres such as country, folk, rock and contemporary indie. 'Cracked' has me all Patti Smith and late 60's early 70's psychedelic rock, with searing and powerful solo vocals and harmonies, dead-pan and powerful drumming, the single is short but the sultry mood is neatly delivered with little fuss.

Previous single 'Spider' which was released at the end of April, confirms their folk-country credentials, closer to contemporary acts such as The Staves or Dublin band The Mariannes (possibly moreso than the former). Again the harmonies are tight and timed to perfection in their execution, withheld to create anticipation in advance of the chorus. Rhythm is also well held between the flowing mandolin plucking and drumstick percussion, overall leaving me at the conclusion that I could listen to these guys all day long and not get tired.


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