Saturday, 30 July 2016

EP: Alf Moon - Aesthetics of Anxiety

Alf Moon Aesthetics of Anxiety EP

Alf Moon - Doubts

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: Following up on his well received Saisons EP - glowingly reviewed in these very pages - Parisian producer Alf Moon returns with Aesthetics of Anxiety. Citing such influences as Jon Hopkins, Jamie XX and Moderat, he manages to expand on his skill at creating intoxicating and often claustrophobic sonic environments.  

Opening the EP, 'Ocean Waves' acts as a submersive scene setter - tiny drops of water are gradually immersed in slow building synths, building to a whirling crescendo. It’s an experimental, textural track, building the mood of the EP and leading directly into the John Carpenter arpeggios of 'With Closed Eyes'. 
Immediately gripping with its Kraftwerkian sense of propulsion, the track effortlessly creates tension as its muted beat ebbs and flows, creating a surging, glassy feeling, conjuring steely Michael Mann visuals.  

Finally, unlike the slow builds of the first two tracks, 'Doubts' playfully lives up to its title by announcing itself with a thunderous four to the floor kick which is slowly suffocated by synths. Of course, it returns, settling into the mode of a more traditional floor filler, but it’s almost a victory lap as Alf Moon has set out his stall very clearly by that stage. And his abundant talent at creating musical soundscapes that skilfully conjure atmosphere and visuals is only growing more apparent with each passing release.

You can get you ears on Aesthetics of Anxiety via French label Roch Music on iTunes here, or Spotify here.

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