Saturday, 30 July 2016

Single: Jaunt - Hello

Jaunt Hello
Photo: Devon Little

- Review by James McGregor

Info: Jaunt began as a duo in Hamilton, Canada in the winter of 2014. Born of our shared love of pop music and an improvised bedroom recording setup, the project quickly became a joint obsession. The two of us eventually convened in Toronto where we were mutually inspired; leading us to shape and realize our music. Two years later, this partnership has grown into Jaunt. Now a fully formed band of five, we create the type of introspective music that is easy to get lost in. 

'Hello' explores the conflicting pleasures and pitfalls of smart technology and the ways in which individuals navigate new social landscapes. Moments of true connection afforded by means of mechanical alienation determine the depths of our relationships.

Jaunt's 'Hello' is one of those rare beauties that, from the first few bars, I feel like I've known forever: without the song feeling derivative. At 1:45, Jaunt don't give themselves much time to make an impact but manage to provide a layered and surprisingly complex pop tune.

I really love the retro vocals, and synth tones. The repetitive, poppy vocal melody provides a great hook, without the song sounding twee or garish. One of the most important assets of this song is that it is not superficial in theme. The song explores mobile technology, challenges associated with it and takes a snapshot of someone in the phone, resolving in a dialtone,  as if to suggest that the caller abruptly hangs up. A clever concept song, as well as a burst of pop delightfulness.

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