Tuesday, 12 July 2016

EP: Nix Moon - Soul Traffic

Nix Moon Soul Traffic

Review by - James McGregor

Info: Nix Moon are a five piece band featuring guitars, bass, drums, bouzouki, flute, keys, a range of hand drums and four part harmonies. Folk, reggae, world music, jazz and ambient rock are some of the genres that have been used to describe our music. We have performed at a range of festivals including Electric Picnic, Vantastival, BARE in the Woods and Knockanstockan to name a few. 

I took an immediate and particular liking to the second track off the E.P, 'Bad Seed'. The vocals are powerful and precise, a brilliant juxtaposition to the subtle, delicate vocals of the preceding track 'Hitchcock’s Eyes'. In the first song, the band reel you in with intricate guitars, subtle drums, and intimate vocals. The song progresses to a jazzy, easy listening tune with intriguing lyrics. Once lured into a false sense of security, the audience are given a sharp smack in the face with the powerful vocal performance and infectious rhythm “Bad Seed”. This song really takes off at about the 2:32 mark, with an impressive vocal performance, emotionally articulate rhythm section and searing guitar solo. 

The third and final song from the E.P is 'Homebound'. This song is propelled by an indie guitars and catchy melody, bringing back the subtle jazz drums. Hints of Villlagers can be found in the vocal performance in this song. 'Homebound' is a fitting comedown from the soaring heights of Bad Seed, yet maintains a groove that keeps the listener moving. This song is reminiscent of early Bombay Bicycle Club, in all the right ways.

In addition, the understated basslines in all three of these songs has to be highlighted. Throughout the E.P the basslines subtly dictate the mood and vibe of the music and along with the drums provide a solid backdrop upon which the guitars and vocals can flourish.

Nix Moon clearly have a tonne of musical talent. They’ve also already shown a lust for experimentation. These two things together provide a combination that could result in the Dundalk band becoming unstoppable. Soul Traffic E.P is a fantastic leap in that direction.

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