Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Video: CFIT - Salvo

CFIT Salvo Hazel Coonagh

CFIT - Salvo

Info: Visual artist Hazel Coonagh (hazelcoonagh.com) has made a video for ‘Salvo’, the opening track of CFIT’s album 'Throwaway Survival Machine'.  In her words, she “wanted to play around with using paint and ink to represent sound purely through colour and movement.”

Salvo. noun.  \ˈsal-(ˌ)vō\

• A simultaneous discharge of artillery or other guns signalling the beginning of a battle.• The first part of a speech or the first in a series of actions intended to get a particular result.• A round of fire given as a salute.• A round of cheers or applause.• An excuse or evasion.• Something to save a person’s reputation or soothe a person’s feelings.

Taken from CFIT's 2015 debut album, Throwaway Survival Machine, which was one of my Top 10 Irish Albums for 2015, at the time of review I noted that; 'Salvo' deceptively leads you to believe that you are embarking on an ethereal post-rock voyage in the mould of Sigur RósAgaetis Byrjun, and it's just as enchanting as the Icelandic acts early work.' I think Hazel Coonagh has definitely captured that environment in her video, watching the shape-shifting imagery in tandem with the music is very therapeutic, calming and mesmerising.

You can get your ears into Throwaway Survival Machine here http://bit.ly/1MZrH5Z and more info on CFIT here https://www.facebook.com/Cfitmusic

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