Tuesday, 26 July 2016

EP: No Nothings - No Nothings

No Nothings Punk Garage Band EP

No Nothings - All The Good Ones

Info: NO NOTHINGS are a tour-de-force of speed-garage-punk-rock-psych-goodness injected straight through the eyeballs. Rising from the ashes of Kingston-Upon-Hull sweethearts, Mother, No Nothings hit hard with a dose of Iggy & The Stooges, Minor Threat, QOTSA. Teaming up with Nottingham's I'm Not From London Records (Baby Godzilla/Heck), No Nothings just released their d├ębut EP on 12" vinyl at the weekend.

Christ. This collection of six tracks from Hull punk-rockers No Nothings is the best garage and punk music I've heard from either side of the Irish Sea, probably ever, and I'm not exaggerating. Opening track and single 'I'm Dead' (below video) blasts a hole in your head straight away. The frenetic 2 minute duration of the track squeezes out every drop of blood it can, trundling drums, guitars and bullish vocals slam home a liberating piece of contemporary punk laced with the genres classic DNA.

Then comes 'All The Good Ones' (above), the pace is electric, speed-garage at its most head-banging and dizzying, the timing (something which repeats itself all across the record) is absolutely perfect, stop-start, stop-start, like a metronome of chaos. In the final quarter it music stutters, but not to a close, merely as a prelude to a crashing finale. 'A Country Song' harps back to old school Stateside surf-rock and garage, imagine, if you can, The Monks and Motorhead morphed as one and you'll start to get the picture, kind of!

No Nothings - I'm Dead

Following the ear-splitting 'Dead Boy' we arrive at the thick bass-laden 'Love Majority' (below), an epicly anthemic and emphatic clunk of hard-edged anarchy that makes you want to scream, not out of anguish but as a medium for euphoric release, this is punk, and it's my favourite track of the six. The EP closes with the smoking romp that is 'Hell Town', probably the closest to the golden era of British punk-rock music of the Pistols and The Damned and American band The Misfits, albeit harder than the latter two. 

This debut from No Nothings excites the shit out of me, I want to listen to it again and again and loud. The overall feeling by the end of the record is ecstatically uplifting, invigorating and finally, exhausting. A collection which would make the elderly break out of their old folks home and smash in the windows of the financial district, make a hippy commune burn itself to the ground during a day of rage and make Switzerland launch a nuke at China, just for the laugh. Right, I need to lie down now.

No Nothings - Love Majority