Thursday, 28 July 2016

Premiere: Saramai - Trees

Saramai Trees Premiere Single
Photo: Tara Thomas

Info: Meath singer-songwriter and dream pop act Saramai releases her second single of the summer, 'Trees', the follow up to last May's wonderful 'Hanging Around' and I'm very proud to premiere the single here before it's official release date tomorrow, 29th of July. Of the track she says; ''Trees' was perhaps the first song I wrote with more than voice and piano in mind. I could hear textures and colours as much as melody and harmony. Over the last six months it has evolved live as Aimie and Cormac brought their own expression and creativity to the track.

We had an amazing experience recording it one afternoon in the stunning Attica studio in the wilds of Donegal. The recording is completely live, one take with no overdubs.'

Just like 'Hanging Around', 'Trees' embraces the grandiose, it's opening piano bars and percussion rumble like a distant thunder before Saramai's powerful voice enters the fray. The three together are Elysian, lifting you high off the ground onto other plains. The combination should be unsettling given its force but is unexpectedly warm and comforting, an achievement in itself given the track was recorded live and in one take as mentioned above.

The overall impression left on the listener is a mix of fortitude and defiance, but also a tinge of sadness as 'Trees' progresses, regret is felt in the lyrics and vocals, and a particularly pleasing moment occurs at the beginning of the songs final third when O'Keeffe joins in harmony with the singer, whilst both are singing the same lines it feels like a conversation between two celestial beings. It's clear yet again that Saramai is completely submerged in her song-writing process, it's not just that the music sounds great, the transference of feeling and emotion is delivered with absolute precision, whilst sounding completely unforced, and that's where the real victory lies.

To watch Saramai's performance on RTÉ's Other Voices recently, click on the image below.

Saramai Other Voices RTÉ

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