Sunday, 31 July 2016

Video: Bairbre Anne - Selfish

Bairbre Anne Selfish

Bairbre Anne - Selfish

Info: To the casual listener it's a more than very competent singer-songwriter / pop song, but after a short few listens, and perusing the background to the track, the strength and conviction of the artist and indeed the song itself come to the fore on Dublin solo act Bairbre Anne's 'Selfish', from her forthcoming album. 

Being refreshingly frank and admirable in her intuitive self-conviction she gives more information on the track; "I chose this song because, well, it's a key one for me. I’ve literally ripped a page out of my diary and put it in a song for you. Its not my usual approach to songwriting, I’ve never been so “bold” with lyrics (for lack of a better explanation) before. I wrote it for myself to begin with and never thought of using it, but then said fuck that. It’s just honest."

If all musicians adopted that approach to releasing their creations us music fans would be spoiled rotten, a sure recipe for disaster is pondering what other people may think of your craft or over-analysing how you should be doing something, falling into either or both pitfalls results in sounding the same as everyone else, stifles creativity, and leads to anonymity, the fact that Bairbre Anne knows this bodes well for her musical future.

This all seeps through on 'Selfish', Bairbre Anne's piano playing is sweet and easy on the ear along with a jolting vocal performance, it's calmness spiking suddenly to an impressive and wholesome power and back again, the forthcoming album will certainly pique interest around these quarters.

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