Sunday, 31 July 2016

Video: Mike Lawal - Just Holla feat. Numbchuck Squirrels

Mike Lawal Just Holla Numbchuck Squirrel

Mike Lawal - Just Holla feat. Numbchuck Squirrels

Info: Fellow Natives are an Irish independent conglomerate run by a team of young intellects focused on elevating the Irish music scene dramatically. The Fellow Natives concept originated from a collection of Mike Lawal past projects in 2014, the following year the group came together. Fellow Natives, largely does not have a target audience that's classified, under race nor gender. More so the artist gives rise to the word 'fellow' as a collective manner of peoples, who given rise, enjoy the art of thinking on that subconscious level, i nthe pursuit an enlightenment.

The rise of Irish hip-hop continues, it has been hugely successful so far, yet is nowhere near reaching a peak any time soon. Dublin's Mike Lawal keeps that flag flying with his latest release 'Just Holla' in tandem with Numbchuck Squirrels. Sourced from a notable respect for 1990's hip-hop and rap, whilst creating a surrounding sound of contemporary grime, 'Just Holla' greases it wheels with a lo-fi musical undercurrent, it's determined yet assuredly calm. Flowing around its looped horn effect, Lawal & co. create a hypnotic rhythm that is brought home perfectly at the 1:08 mark with a lightly sinister grime tone. 

Kudos as well for a video that brings genuinely humorous brevity and was clearly thought out to capture the collective's personality, it's haphazard, composition is off the cuff and nonchalant and that's an approach that should be entirely endorsed, a winning combo all round.

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