Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Single: DONCAT - Western

DONCAT Western
Photo: Margaret Austin

DONCAT - Western

Info: DONCAT is Duncan Nielsen, a San Francisco based songwriter, performer and rock musician with a penchant for rock, soul and folk stylings – he draws from the deep history of California counter-culture music. His songs discuss both the hope and uncertainty of the American dream in kaleidoscopic cynicism. 'Western' is the second single off his second full-length LP, Easy Cowboy, slated for release on September 9th, 2016, via Creature.

After a quick listen to some of DONCAT's previous releases, and a good few listens to the two singles, 'Western' and 'Untrue' (below), it becomes clear that we have a contemporary music fans artist on our hands. What does that mean? Well, while all guitar-based music is invariably in some way influenced by the past, there's a small few who aren't so obvious about it and clearly are writing songs and music for the modern era.

Let's take 'Western' for example, there's a small layer of The Strokes' classic early sound rippling below those high guitar strings and percussion too, but other than that DONCAT has gone his own way. It's quite the infectious and cool and smooth track, zip up the leather jacket, pop on the shades and hit the streets on a gloriously sunny day type of cool. It trundles rhythmically, the beat is slick and solid and vocally it's very easy on the ear, ear balm!

DONCAT - Untrue

Previous single, 'Untrue', which was released last month, is a very different prospect altogether. The opening beat and bass-line grab you straight away, a small injection of funk into the arm to draw you in, before Nielsen croons soulfully into the mic. It's a big song, as well as the previously mentioned genre tips there's also restrained disco keys, and blues-rock guitar progressions, with DONCAT hitting those high notes for added good time feels. There are little pieces that I've loved of many solo acts from the last ten years looking up from underneath DONCAT's stamp, and I think that's why I'm so drawn to his music, it provides a really healthy amount of variety and it's simply so damn enjoyable.

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