Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Video: Video: Sunddunes & MNNQNS - Live Sessions, Part Two

MNNQNS Sunddunes SE01E02

Sunddunes & MNNQNS - Live Sessions, Part Two

Info: The second rooftop session featuring two pop-rock and neo-punk / psychedelic Rouen bands, Sunddunes and MNNQNS has been released. Both bands contain a cross-over of members as they perform two new tracks, Sunddunes with 'Mark of the Witch' and MNNQNS with 'Tiger On A Leash'. The video is featuring over on French music video site CurbTV, and both acts new songs have a decidedly 60's psychedelic folk vibe, Sunddunes tipping around Arthur Lee's Love with MNNQN's channeling solo McCartney with The Jam, lovely stuff that I could listen to for hours.

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