Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Single: Heroes in Hiding - Hospital

Heroes in Hiding Hospital
Photo: Omar O'Reilly

Heroes in Hiding - Hospital

Info: 'Hospital' is Heroes in Hiding's brand new single from their new LP "Curtains" which will be released on the 7th October.

'Hospital' will be available to buy and stream on the 26th August from all online distribution platforms world wide.

It's difficult to believe that this band have been knocking around for over two and a half years as their full-length debut release, Curtains, creeps up around the corner. Heroes in Hiding are the definition of the hard-working band with results to show for it. A constant stream of music releases and incessant gigging and festival appearances of every kind pretty much shows any band starting out the template you need to follow, and that it isn't going to be easy.

With 'Hospital' itself, Heroes in Hiding are reaching (but not peaking!) a period of song-writing that has now seemingly become effortless and almost casual, we know the truth is more complicated of course. It's an indie-rock blast, it's brief sampled voice-over intro like something you'd come across on a Public Service Broadcasting track. Vocals and harmonies are emotionally raw, the theme deals with the frustrated struggle of finding yourself in a situation that controls you, rather than the opposite, and feels like it will never end. One thing nobody wants to end is these guys making music, and I don't see that happening for a long while thankfully.

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