Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Single: Pablo Vasquez - Teasero

Pablo Vasquez Teasero

Pablo Vasquez - Teasero

- Review by Noël Duplaa

Info: More than just a man, Pablo Vasquez is actually the nom de plume for New Zealand nylon-stringed guitar duo Jolyon Mulholland and Elroy Finn. 'Teasero' is their debut single and their first release with Welsh label Cae Gwyn Records, which seems like a pretty perfect fit.

Originally the result of a collaboration that occurred between the two back in 2011 when they lived together in Brooklyn, the track came perilously close to fading like a particularly vivid dream, heard only by the audiences at a handful of New York performances.  Thankfully, some New Zealand recording sessions in 2015 allowed them to finally commit the songs to tape.  And, judging by “Teasero,” we’re very lucky indeed. Humming with a warm 70’s production feel, there’s a delicate baroque sensibility to the track - think Grizzly Bear or Elliott Smith’s quieter, more classical moments - while managing to maintain its melancholic and melodic feel.

And this track is all about creating a delicately sustained ambiance, carefully constructed intertwining guitar lines feeling effortless and calm, like ripples on a lake. You could easily imagine it setting the scene for the introduction of a character played by Warren Beatty or Paul Newman in a 1970’s classic - the character would, of course, be relaxed and charismatic on the surface, with fiercely intelligent, internal clockwork whirring behind steely eyes. As for the title, 'Teasero', of course, is fake-Spanish for “teaser,” but, tellingly, also very close to actual-spanish for "treasure", and this beautifully written and performed little gem carries itself with an easy brilliance.

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