Monday, 26 September 2016

Live: The Ríona Sally Hartman Band @ Arthur's, October 5th

The Ríona Sally Hartman Band Live

Ríona Sally Hartman - Handholding

Info: Dublin jazz / blues artist Ríona Sally Hartman will be playing at one of Dublin's most intimate, and up until recently, best kept secrets for live music fans, Arthur's on Thomas Street in Dublin 8. With her live band she will perform a night of acoustic music lush with vocal harmonies, accompanying surrealist stories and guaranteed one hundred percent accurate fortune telling for everyone in the audience! With Cormac O'Brien on double bass, Julien Colarossi on guitar and Filipa Quintino on backing vocals. 

Hartman is one of those rare treats whose recorded repertoire is matched and beaten on a live stage consistently, a music fan of all genres who makes music for music fans, and of course, to give life to her stories and imagination. Think of those sunny summer holidays as a child, discovering caves on beaches, or venturing into the woods, that you now doubt even ever happened as an adult, that feeling of adventure and being carefree is rekindled through Hartman's songs and last year's debut album, Big Starving Thing.

Ríona Sally Hartman - Frida Kahlo's Delight

The gig takes place on Wednesday, the 5th of October, tickets are only €7 and can be purchased on her website or on the door at Arthur's on the night.

"A rising star" - Lyric FM

"The craft of the songs draws you in - delicate vocal harmonies and sparse acoustic settings, fresh and unclichéd" - The Irish Times

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