Thursday, 22 September 2016

Single: Low Hum - Strange Love

Low Hum Strange Love

Low Hum - Strange Love

Info: I'd say about ten times tops per year, I hear the opening salvo or bars of a song and know instantly I'm going to like it, but rarely do you get to the very end and had that initial feeling sustained the whole way through. The latest single from L.A.'s Low Hum, 'Strange Love', is one of those moments, its opening fuzzed-out bass is commanding, like an army general it dictates and orchestrates the movement of the music. 

The solo artist (Collin Desha) reminds me of wildly different acts, from Primal Scream, to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, to Beck, and there's even a small snippet of Brian Eno's Another Green World for a joyous break of 25 seconds starting at the 1:50 mark. This interlude is broken again by the purposeful bass-line, with Desha's vocals mounting themselves over unabashed psychedelic guitar riffs, all leading to a rising cresecendo which not so much crashes to a halt, but more says; 'I think that's enough now, goodbye'. 

The first time I listened to 'Strange Love' I was convinced it was only three and a bit minutes long, nowhere near it's almost five minutes, a testament to the pace and energy and a nice contrasting balance of styles to previous single 'Sunburns' which featured on our Playlist here recently. Quality and very enjoyable stuff from Low Hum.

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