Sunday, 18 September 2016

Single: The Living Stream - Grand Canal Dock

The Living Stream Grand Canal Dock

The Living Stream - Grand Canal Dock

Info: September 2016 sees the official launch of one of the most exciting and unique new Irish acts for quite some time, The Living Stream. Having won IMRO's coveted Emerging Competition back in January (without having played a gig!) The Living Stream went on to support The Fureys at TempleBar Tradfest - where they instantly impressed. 

When asked about the origin of the debut single, 'Grand Canal Dock' which was released on Friday just gone, Brian commented that he "wanted to try and capture the overall tone that pervaded the country post-crash - the sense of uneasiness and frustration that was felt by so many". But he didn't want it to be angry and finger pointy he insists.

Indeed there is a serene calmness to 'Grand Canal Dock', even with such a heavy theme, like the name of the band itself, you do have that sense that you are moving slowly downstream. The track is steeped in the classical Irish trad custom with Kelly's vocals, the tin-whistle and mandolin playing in particular harking back to the days of The Dubliners and Planxty in the 70's and 80's, but musically The Living Stream is set apart from such acts as a result of their more refined pace and gentleness. No doubt the upcoming album will get a great reception and launch TLS further into the public consciousness.

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