Sunday, 18 September 2016

Video: Kevin Nolan - Drowning

Kevin Nolan Drowning

Info: Above is the debut music video from Irish songwriter and composer Kevin Nolan. The video was directed by the award-winning filmmaker Nathan Fagan and filmed in the Axis Ballymun theatre. It captures a live performance by Kevin, his unique and dramatic delivery is fully realised and well captured by the Irish-Canadian director. Nathan Fagan is in the process of making Aubade, a short documentary portrait of Kevin Nolan.

Taken from Nolan's epic debut album, Fredrick and The Golden Dawn (stream here) 'Drowning' was and still is my favourite track of his, so I was delighted to find it was chosen for the above music video. It's no easy task having a 'favourite' song from Fredrick as it contains not one second of irrelevance and all of the tracks are special. 

My own thoughts at the time of it's release were as follows; "'Drowning' (...) is undoubtedly my favourite, foreboding, disturbing and beautiful, both bass and piano are extremely complimentary as a background to the lines;

 'Like a switch-blade to my heart, there she was, she was every song I heard, she held a match to every word, I was a saint among the herds...but now I'm drowning'. 

Nolan concludes with the inevitably blunt line, 'drowning men are never found.' To add to the atmosphere and in case you had forgotten, the piano toward the end is like a march of death reiterating the protagonist's final words."

The video itself is simply stunning, and so beautifully shot by Fagan, to the point of being a tantalising glimpse of the forthcoming documentary Aubade, a short documentary portrait of Kevin Nolan. Nolan is without doubt one of the most gifted song-writers of our generation so be sure to check out more of the Dubliner's music if you enjoyed the above video.

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