Sunday, 13 November 2016

EP: Bob Skeleton - Shade

Bob Skeleton Shade EP

Bob Skeleton - Shade

Info: Galway indie-rock band Bob Skeleton released their debut EP, Shade, on Friday just gone. In blunt summary it's a really nice blend of Smithsian feels and uplifting Britpop-era indie. Opener 'Stay' twinkles brightly with jangle-pop guitars and impassioned vocals, a nostalgic ode to young romance and heartbreak accompanied by vibrant percussion, vocals and feisty hooks. 

A key highlight comes in the shape of 'Obviously', with the vocals brought right to the fore, the song has a strong sense of feeling, the bass is delightfully whimsical and upbeat, here Bob Skeleton recall the raw sounds you'd expect from a new born The Strokes pre-This Is It. The EP concludes with the rolling sounds of 'Quiver', there's a lot of feeling in this track, which whirls between the psychedelic and more intuitive post-indie guitar rock of today. Shade is a fine debut EP from the Galway band which exhibits a keen sense of competent song-writing, as well as strong signs that there's even better to come.

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