Sunday, 27 November 2016

EP: MNNQNS - Capital

MNNQNS Capital Rouen

Info: Our favourite French outfit from Rouen, MNNQNS, released their latest EP, Capital, last month. It's a glorious trip through post-punk indie, painted by the finest 80's French sounds of the genre, an era of high interest around these parts. 

In a previous review of lead single, 'Come To Your Senses' I had observed; ''Come To Your Senses' (has) call to action vocals and guitars and drums that go from pop tones to the darker edges briefly towards the tracks final's instantly catchy and enjoyable and MNNQNS seem to be now embracing a more humorous side to their song-writing, c'est magnifique!'

Second track 'Straight To My Bones' nails that era's sound with aplomb, the French post-punk period is often overlooked, but it was a highly individualistic time, drawing very little from it's UK peers, I think of the excellent Guerre Froide, Charles De Goal and Complot Brunswick as prime examples.

'Next Time I Try' is a catchy hook-laden treat, trundling steadily to the percussion and trademark wobble of MNNQN's front-loaded bass-lines, it's an energising piece of fluid indie-rock, a real hip-shaker. The E.P.'s title-track veers strongly towards nonchalant noise-rock, spinning effortlessly through the motions with delightful echoed and watery guitar effects, it's a crunching and arresting moment on Capital.

One of the most important elements to this collection of songs is a sense of care-free fun, with a heavy dose of cool chic, final track 'Too Late' in many ways summarises the sound and vibe of the previous four tracks, it's upbeat, heavy bass keeps the rhythm solid, and it all feels smooth as a mountain stream despite the cacophony of noise. I could listen to this type of sound all day long.

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