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EP: Galants - Galants

Galants EP

Galants - Evergreen

Info: Galants is a noise-pop band from Dublin incorporating the jangled pop tones of Teenage Fanclub, the fuzzed-out assault of Dinosaur Jr and the reverberated bombast of My Bloody Valentine. In the summer of 2015 the band released a trilogy of singles recorded at Darklands Audio Studio, showcasing an aesthetic of cascading guitars, riotous drums and mellow yet melodious vocals.

Galants' debut EP was recorded with Stephen Dunne at Lamplight Studios and mastered by Fergal Davis. Lead single 'Evergreen' has already received praise from Hot Press ​who marked it out as "Track of the Fortnight" commenting "when it comes to heart-swelling garage rock, there’s aren’t many on the island who can do it quite like this Dublin-based bunch."

With their debut self-titled EP now out in the ether since Friday, it's time to take stock of what Galants have pieced together here. Latest single 'Evergreen' commences proceedings, and the intention is clear, upbeat indie rock covered in layer upon layer of noisy grunge, there's a neat yet subtle cap doff to Foo Fighters' The Colour and The Shape, with vocal melodies and incessant guitar distortion wrapping themselves around a thrashing percussion, ear-catching stuff indeed.

An echoing tremolo greets the beginning of second track 'Faultline', here Galants allow slightly more oxygen to breathe in their sound, and once the build begins you really are in the middle of a very capable ode to shoe-gaze rock from the early 90's. In addition, the Irish rock DNA of bands of yore such as Turn and Future Kings of Spain wisps in a ghostly form through the music and vocals, but the searing guitar solo snaps the nostalgia in half as soon as it has time to form. 

Galants EP cover

'Remnants' brings us further into Galants' sound, this is the epitome of the fuzzed-out rock cacophony which drives their sound, they, and we, have let go by now, in full swing. The pace and sheer energy are disorienting and pleasing in equal measure, merry bedfellows well executed. There is no let up, if the deceivingly titled 'Juan' made you think that we were being prepared for a soft-landing, the band are having none of it, and why would they, they are doing what they excel at, and it gets better and better as the EP progresses. At times they are restrained, but ultimately Galants pulverise you in the most enjoyable manner a rock fan could wish for with their brand of multi-genre rock. I almost hate myself for uttering the words, but, keep an eye on these guys in 2017, and see them live.

Galants will be launching their debut EP this Saturday, 3rd December, in Whelan's with support from the equally talented Junk Drawer from Belfast.
Galants and Junk Drawer
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