Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Single: Sonnets & Sisters - Silence

Sonnets & Sisters Silence
Photo: Inga Kazokaite

Info: Sonnets and Sisters are a folk pop four piece band from Dundalk, Ireland. The band’s name, ‘Sonnets and Sisters’, reflects the dreamy lyrics present in their original compositions while also attempting to encapsulate the family type bond which exists between the members. Their music is hallmarked by haunting harmonies intertwined with powerful and catchy chorus lines which sweep the audience along in a sea of airy optimism.

When it grabs you it grabs you deep, when a beautiful piece of music somehow finds its way to you, seemingly out of nowhere, a magical element is attached to it. That's exactly how I felt 10 seconds into 'Silence', the latest single from Dundalk folk troupe Sonnets and Sisters. A notable contemporary North American folk influence marks the track, yet, for me at least, it took all of the best of bands such as Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver's debut, The Staves and countless others, and merged them into three and a half minutes of gorgeousness. 

From it's enchanting slow-burning opening, morose piano, and delicate but immensely forthright harmonies, 'Silence' brims with emotion, hope and above all, an everlasting impression. There are a lot of talented indie-folk bands who are very gifted out there, but for me Sonnets & Sisters have 'the magic' and nail the mood, I really need to hear an album of songs along this line yesterday.

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