Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Single: Dana and The Wolf - Close Enough

Dana and The Wolf Close Enough

Dana and The Wolf - Close Enough

Info: Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf have set out to explore the boundaries of love in their relationship (sometimes getting themselves into trouble). They do the same with their music. Dana, a dynamic vocalist with range and power, loves that to which you can sing or dance. Meanwhile Daniel, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, prefers music that makes you "think". This near-polarization of tastes results in a unique approach to songwriting.

After jumping from writing rock to hip hop to classical guitar-influenced and jam band journey songs, the couple finally transformed into Dana And The Wolf, which one might describe as epic electro pop. The sound they've crafted is bold, cinematic, and provocative. In their continuous search for novelty and variety of experiences, this odd couple survives on making, loving and hating music.

'Close Enough', the debut single from Los Angeles duo Dana and The Wolf, is a searing and powerful piece of at times darkly-tinted alternative pop. Hobson's vocals are most impressive and tear through verse and chorus with an electrifying presence, accompanied ably by the blasts of energetic beats and bass-lines courtesy of Wolf, a really enjoyable first outing, and the type of slamming pop track you crave to hear on the radio airwaves.

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