Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Video: Hot Cops - Dumbbo

Hot Cops Dumbbo

Hot Cops - Dumbbo

Info: Featuring eerie imagery and dark undertones, the video for 'Dumbbo' was shot by artist Elise Schierbeek on location in West Michigan. In their own words:

"The video was shot in partly in the back 40 acres of a church far out in the hills with this abandoned merry-go-round, and also at a house lived in by many artist and musician friends of mine. The costumes in 'Dumbbo' I sewed myself and they relate deeply to performance and identity- casting off, tuning in, being accountable and accounted for."

'Dumbbo' has easily been one of my favourite Irish tracks of 2016, it's opening bars and slow hazy riff sticking in your head for months afterwards, I was also delighted to finally see it performed live myself during the summer at Whelan's Ones To Watch. With lines such as; 'When I see your name I choke', 'I feel so sorry when I sing, for everybody listening, they'll never hear a voice so sweet' and 'sick to death with all your friends, who hate me for hating them' capture Hot Cops' overt wry side most appropriately. The video itself is a quare one, half Blair Witch, half Walking Dead before the shit hit the fan, the most normal thing about it being our sown together 'being'. Never a dull moment with Hot Cops, and because we love them so, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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