Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016, An Irish Playlist

Independent Irish Music Playlist 2016

Info: I'll keep this short as there's a lot of music to be listened to below. Like I said at the end of 2015 about 2016, I'm really excited about 2017 already. My favourite new songs that I'm going to hear, that haven't even been written yet in some cases, are just beginning to sprout subconsciously in some talented divil's brain. The independent 'scene' in Ireland continues to flourish and grow exponentially, as a music fan it has been the best three years ever. 

Firstly, my Deadly Dozen, twelve tracks that stuck with me in a particularly wonderful way during the year, a particularly delectable selection if I may say so myself, are here.

On the blog we've had over 400 posts during 2016, averaging well over one per day across the 12 months, up from 290-odd in 2015, in no short thanks to the sterling work of Noël and James who have both been a great help and most happy addition for me. Of course, without Irish bands making wonderful music, there would be no blog here, at least not in any way, shape, or form as there is now, without them, things would be a lot different, quite dull in fact, so to all you musicians out there who took the time to share your music, I offer up a most humble and grateful, thank you.

Below is a Playlist of over 80 tracks from individual Irish acts, ranging from hip-hop to ambient, indie to jazz, pop to electronic, rock to instrumental, folk to experimental. 

The overall track-listing is at the bottom, and in order of appearance in our reviews since January.

Because they aren't on Spotify, but they're too good to leave out, slippery eels!

Here are the best tracks to feature on the blog in 2016:

Oh Joy - 'Habits & Recreations'

Super Hyper Giant - 'The Universe'

Trick Mist - 'Tampering Happy'

Carpool Conversation - 'Sunshine On TV'

Paradox - 'As The World'

REWS - 'Death Yawn'

RUTH - 'Who Are You Living For?'

Hot Cops - 'Passive Passive' 

Rollin' Empire - 'Nowhere To Run'

Femmepop - 'Celestial'

Auxiliary Phoenix - 'Bin Bein Bizzy'

Bear Worship - 'Our Friends' 

August Wells - 'She Was A Question'

Stevie Cliff - 'Burn Baby Burn'

Brass Phantoms - 'Every Sensation'

Track Dogs - 'Love Me Like You Used To (El Twanguero)'

Hotel On Mars - 'Sentinel'

Ghost Robots - 'Voodoo'

Laura Ryder - 'Pullover'

The Future West - 'Call Me Stupid'

Otherkin - 'Yeah, I Know'

Silences - 'There's A Wolf'

Roisin El Cherif - 'Kerosene'

Fun With Ropes - 'Blush'

Carriages - 'Like A Child' 

Pine The Pilcrow - 'Part Of YOu Died'

The Shaker Hymn - 'Baltic Heart' 

Kevyn - Scars'

Kern - 'Leaving'

Wood Burning Savages - 'We Love You'  

Motions - 'Back To Where I Begun'

Tim Chadwick - 'Blindfolded'

Son of the Hound - 'I.O.U.'

Plutonic Dust - 'Eskimo Kiss'

Niamh Crowther - 'Little By Little'

Harbouring Oceans - 'Enso' 

Sun Set Ships - 'Song For Brothers' 

Funeral Suits - 'Tree Of Life' 

CARRON - 'Prison Robes'

THUMPER - 'Rent Is Due' 

Cut Once - 'Playing With Fire'

R.S.A.G. - 'Leave A Light On' 

Young Earth - 'Bloodlove'

The Grey Merchant - 'Spotless (The Protecting Veil)' 

Pranks - 'Long Knives' 

Not Monsters - 'On Tilt'

The Southern Fold - 'Romance In Morphine'

Heroes In Hiding - 'No, You're A Rabbit'

Leopard Skin Jasper - 'Orsic Poppy' 

Ealadha - 'Hurricanes'

Saramai - 'Hanging Around'

Elm - 'Amends' (Daithí Remix)

Elly D - 'Rise'

Chase Nova & The Everchanging Bandname - 'Echo'

King Kong Company - 'Scarity Dan'

Variant Sea - 'Wildwoods'

Junior Brother - 'Hungover At Mass'

VIDEO BLUE - 'Disco Nap'

Ivy Nations - 'The Mile Road'

Rosa Nutty - 'Fine Print'

Elephant - 'Stay With Me'

The Academic - 'Mixtape 2003'

The Clockworks - 'Mazda' 

Nix Moon - 'Bad Seed'

Tigwara - 'That Soul'

Vulpynes - 'Terry Said'

Exiles - 'Red Lights' 

The Pickled Onions - 'The Woods'

Alex Smyth - 'CXCVII'


Niamh Regan - 'She' 

TADGH - 'Bad Move'

Dreaming of Jupiter - 'Light Of My Life'

This Side Up - 'Billy No Mates'

Insufficient Funs - 'Insufficient Funs'

Maria Kelly - 'Stitches'

Johnny Fox - 'Bonita Serena' 

BANTUM - 'Move' 

Orchid Collective - 'Courage'

Robocobra Quartet - 'Nice Life'

Junk Drawer - 'Buying Pictures (For The Frame)'

Wolves of Youth - 'Say Something'

Corrina Jaye - 'What Do You Want?'

Bob Skeleton - 'Stay'

Blaming Hannah - 'I'm Alive'

Luke Clerkin - 'Home'

D-Day - 'Misunderstood'

Games Violet - 'Tin Box'

Slow Riot - 'Absent Dreams'

Sonnets & Sisters - 'Silence' 

Galants - 'Faultline'

Train Room - 'Grace' 

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