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Remy's Music & Film: Top 10 Irish Music Videos 2016

Best Irish Music Video of the Year 2016

Info: Great songs are a joy to behold, but add well crafted visuals through the medium of video to an already wonderful track, and it raises the overall feeling and impact to another level. Be it stripped down to the bare basics, but with memorable individual performance, cinematic in its vision, perfectly melding the message of the artist's track to picture, or adopting a clever or humorous view of human behaviour, Irish-based music videographers are to be celebrated just as much as our musicians. 

Below are the top 10 music videos to feature on the blog in 2016 which I enjoyed the most, and made a lasting impact on me for all of the reasons outlined above. 

10. OTHERKIN - 'Yeah, I Know'

Release Date: June 14th
Directed by: Christian Tierney

9. Video Blue - Bombshell

Release Date: 4th September
Directed by: Dara Carroll / Cinematography: David Bird

8. Brass Phantoms - City of Wolves

Release Date: 26th May
Directed by: Olga Kuzmneko

7. This Side Up - Full Fat

Release Date: 1st November
Directed by: Ben O'Connor / Videography: Peter Martin

6. Not Monsters - On Tilt

Release Date: 25th May
Directed by: Penny Merelle-Gray

5. Robocobra Quartet - Correct

Release Date: 28th October
Directed by: Chris Brazier

4. Naoise Roo - Whore

Release Date: December 1st
Directed By: Bob Gallagher

3. King Kong Company - Scarity Dan

Release Date: 24th May
Directed by: Jamie O'Rourke / Cinematographer: Narayan Van Maele

2. Kevin Nolan - Drowning

Release Date: 2nd September
Directed by: Nathan Fagan (from the forthcoming documentary, Aubade)

1. Remy's Music & Film's Irish Music Video of the Year comes courtesy of Dublin four-piece Funeral Suits, whose single, 'Tree of Life', was reviewed here back in April upon release, and followed by a feature of the video in May, which was both arresting in its impact and powerful on many levels. Formed in 2008, and taking their name from their love of Arcade Fire's debut album, the alternative rock band released the above single from their second album, Islands Apart, which they unfortunately announced would also be their last together. 

Their February 2012 video for track 'All Those Friendly People' reached a phenomenal 15 million plus views on YouTube. The video itself is a beautifully shot portrayal of the 7 deadly sins within the context of the recent global financial crisis. Jochen Schmalbach - best known for his work with Rammstein, helped record the track, while the production and mix work was done by the father-and-son team of Ken and Jolyon Thomas; Ken is best known for his work with Sigur Ros and M83, while Jolyon has recently enjoyed success with Slaves.

Of the track itself I wrote; 'My initial reaction to 'Tree of Life' was one of being hugely impressed, but also a sense of deep isolation as I realised I was probably the last person to hear of this great band. The latest track from the quartet is like a bridge between Animal Collective's 2007 album Strawberry Jam and 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion. The wavy tempo and very tight balance between electronics and guitar / drums drive the song from a low starting point to a powerful surge which continues through its 5 minute duration.

Lyrically it's a curious experiment, dark humour underlined by lines such as 'Last night I drank a bottle of the blood of Christ' and the wonderful evolutionary synopsis of; 'Got out of the sea, climbed into the trees, chopped down the forest to build our cities'.'

Thanks to Funeral Suits for their great music, and here's wishing the band members all of the best for the future, this is 'Tree Of Life'.

Directed, Produced and Written by Crooked Gentlemen, Jeff Doyle & Shaun Ryan.

Starring - 

Sinner - Andy Murray
Wrath - Johnny Elliott, Richard Mason, John D'Alessandro, Patrick Murphy, Nigel Whelan, Karl Argue
Pride - Steve Wilson
Dead soldier - Jeff Doyle
Widow - Kelly Byrne
Gluttony - Shaun Ryan
Envy & Lust - Arlene Caffrey
Greed - Chris Newman 
Sloth - Eddie Jackson
Repenting Sinner - Liam Carney

Editing, Effects & Grade - Shaun Ryan 
Co Producer - Barry Gibbons
DOP - Mark O Rourke
Camera Assistant - Sean Green
Second Camera Assistant - Megan Spellman, Alana Kemp Wylie
Gaffer - James Ryan 
Props - Mary Naughton
Additional Props - Alisa Kuzmina
Costume - Alisa Kuzmina
Additional Costume - Lisa Mc Carroll 
Make Up & Special Effects - Conor O Brien 
Assistant Make Up - Sarah Twamley.

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