Thursday, 8 December 2016

EP: Circuits of Heaven - Just Came Down From The Mountain

Circuits of Heaven Just Came Down From The Mountain

Circuits of Heaven - Just Came Down From The Mountain

Info: Circuits of Heaven is the indie solo project of writer-producer Kevin J. Power. ‘Just Came Down From The Mountain’ is a short yet expansive EP blending alt-rock and indie-electro. Conceived and executed in the Irish countryside, the songs deal with the tension between wilderness and civilisation, and the revelations that occur when stepping out of society.

Just over a year since the second EP from Circuits of Heaven, (which was released on excellent Cork indie label Inner Chapter), In The Time of Decay, was reviewed here, Power releases his latest extended play in Just Came Down From the Mountain, which is officially out on the 16th of December. In keeping with it's predecessor, we have a lead single in the title-track which retains a lo-fi and nonchalant mood, whispered lyrics are accompanied by acoustic plucking and a soft electronic hum, with the Cork act carefully building a day-glo momentum.

The opening track on JCDFTM, 'Alone In This Form', is decidedly more pensive, an 80's tinged beat and electric guitar notes belie an almost classic 80's alternative pop feel, like a majorly stripped down version of a Simple Minds track, it's certainly very different to what we've heard from Circuits of Heaven before, and it's a most welcome new style of sound. On final track, 'Super Black Sun', the mood is similarly restrained, but more in the contemporary mould of the likes of Beach House or Real Estate, it's jangly tones creating a calming and mellow feel.

At just under 12 minutes, Just Came Down From the Mountain is short, but it achieves its goal within that time-frame, to put the listener in a thoughtful and relaxed state, oblivious to their surroundings as they slip under Power's spell.

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