Thursday, 8 December 2016

Video: Nousom Knots - Landslide (Dublin Town)

Nousom Knots Landslide Dublin Town

Nousom Knots - Landslide (Dublin Town)

Info: Nousom Knots is the nom du plume of an Irish singer-songwriter who has just released his debut single and accompanying video for track, 'Landslide (Dublin Town)', at the start of this month. Trained in both classical and jazz music, the troubadour has a penchant for rock music that may be revealed in future releases. The video for the single captures mostly the best, and a little of the worst, of the experiences to be found in the capital city, with some lovely footage of both scenic and not so scenic (yet close to any Dubs heart) locations. 

It's an ode that recalls the protagonists memories and experiences, both close up and from afar, despite all her failings, the traits which are admirable far outweigh them. Knots' track has a contemporary Simon & Garfunkel feel, easy on the ear, it's a straight up pop ballad with sincere feeling.

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