Sunday, 11 December 2016

Single: Dave Conway - Freewill / Wings of Dust

Dave Conway
Photo: Elaine Doyle

Dave Conway - Freewill

Info: It has been several years since The DC Experiment have released any material, and with only a handful of live appearances during the period their continued existence was in some doubt. That doubt can now be dispelled with the release of 2 songs and accompanying videos by frontman Dave Conway, his first solo work since 2008’s 'Highs and Hellos' album.

'Freewill' and 'Wings of Dust' both see Dave in more mellow, perhaps melancholic, territory compared to the hard edged rawness of The DC Experiment. The songs explore topics such as the passage of time, birth/death, celebration, sorrow and joy, and of course, free will. Long-time collaborator in The DC Experiment's Adrian Csapo contributed bass-lines as well as mastering, with Derek Maher adding electronics and keys on Wings of Dust, whilst the Great Davids contributed unconsciously throughout.

The accompanying videos were directed and produced by London-based videographer Michela d’Andrea, 'Wings of Dust' being shot in Dublin and surrounding areas, whilst 'Freewill' was fully set in London. Both singles are currently available on MP3 download only.

Dave Conway - Wings of Dust

Both tracks, 'Freewill' and 'Wings of Dust' exude a mysterious sense of serenity, it's a cautious calmness, a feeling of not resting too easy too soon. Dave Conway's vocals have the tiniest hint of glam rock tones, á la Bowie or Alice Cooper, a sound which is befitting of the mood of both songs. The second single on the Double A-Side, 'Wings of Dust' arches more towards a rock opera scenario, building determinedly to a dramatic finale, giving the listener a gratifying result across both songs.


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