Sunday, 11 December 2016

Single: The Future West - Gone Too Long

Francis Watters & The Future West Gone Too Long

The Future West - Gone Too Long

Info: With influences ranging from Daft Punk to At The Drive-In, New Order to Ennio Morricone. The Future West deliver a unique concoction of slacker rock tangled with spaghetti western and fused with synth wave sounds that wash over you. Formed in early 2016 and currently standing as newly re-formed 5-piece with a chaotic live show full of spontaneity, The Future West will be releasing their debut album early 2017 after launching their new single "Gone Too Long" on 2nd December 2016 which will be available to stream on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and all other good streaming sites. Catch them in the Spirit Store on 26th December.

The latest single from Dundalk's The Future West, 'Gone Too Long', is notably different to their two excellent previous releases, 'Go, Dog Go' and 'Call Me Stupid', which were very much lo-fi and hard alternative rock respectively. On the new single there's a more mid-60's psychedelic sound, a mixture of Velvet Underground & Nico and The Electric Prunes' I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night. However, like the two previous single releases, 'Gone Too Long' is highly enjoyable, and Watters' vocals are sounding as good as ever, add in the much better sound due to improved production and overall we have a marked advancement in what The Future West are working towards.

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