Sunday, 11 December 2016

Video: Breezy iDeyGoke - Papa Don't Want That feat. Josué Patrice

Breezy Ideygoke Papa Don't Want That

Breezy iDeyGoke - Papa Don't Want That feat. Josué Patrice

Info: Breezy IDeyGoKe is a rapper and producer from Co. Louth who is currently studying in Liverpool. With 8 years of making his own music behind him, he has decided to start putting his music out into the musical ether. To begin this process Breezy has released his third single from his Afro Breeze project, 'Papa Don't Want That' feat. Josué Patrice with an accompanying video (above). He has described his sound and style as industrialised hip-hop and rap with distinct African influences. 

Breezy iDeyGoke - AfroBreeze Cover

The track and the video are impressively produced, with beats and samples providing a very catchy hip-hop sound that won't leave your head any time soon. The industrial vibe of iDeyGoke's music is certainly prevalent all across the track, which has a very urban London grime strand to it with Patrice's vocal adding a well worked pop aspect to the single. Browsing through the rest of his works on his SoundCloud page it's clear that the artist has a wealth of work inside him and there's every chance that big things lie in store both at home in Ireland and further afield, possibly as soon as 2017.

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