Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Album: Bas Relief - Inconditional

Bas Relief Inconditional

Info: "Inconditional" is the first full length record from Canadian experimental electronic outfit Bas Relief. "Inconditional" sees the duo (and an extended cast of guest musicians) mash a melting pot of inspirations from Steve Reich-esque loops to rhythm heavy math rock drumming. Over the span of seven tracks, the duo warp, flip and experiment with an expansive library samples, with everything from Julien Baker to Shania Twain being incorporated to create heady tracks that really breathe.

Inconditional was released on tape and digitally via Little L Records on December 6th here https://littlelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/inconditional

Genre: Experimental, Glitch, Math Rock, Pop

Remy's Key Tracks: 'Blue', 'Club Piscine', 'Wet Planet'

Check out Bas Relief's other releases and back catalogue on their Bancamp page here https://basrelief.bandcamp.com/

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