Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Video: Lōwli - Fallow

Lōwli - Fallow

Lōwli - Fallow

Info: Described by Jim Carroll as ''..orchestral , elegant noir-pop... a performer with a keen sense for the dramatic twists and turns.'' Lōwli, aka Cork-based songwriter Roisin Lowry, creates a distinctive and alternative sound by mixing haunting vocals with emotive lyrics.

Lōwli's debut single, 'Fallow' was released in Nov 2016 and is now available to download/stream through the usual online channels. Lōwli has begun working on her debut EP which is set for release in May 2017. 

Upcoming performances include a show at Quarter Block Party, Cork in Feb 2017 among others.

'Fallow' is gently invigorating, like a lapping wave, Lōwli very, very slowly draws you in, the peaks are carefully laid out across the track, the overall ambience of which benefits from restricting crescendo's to just one, at the songs very end. The low hum of the cello, and the consistent but minimalistic tone of both vocals and piano create a soothing and structured soundscape for the listener, almost hypnotic in its repetition. 'Fallow' is an exciting introduction to Lowry's music, and shows huge promise, eager for more, thankfully we are also provided with the beautiful video and song for original piece 'Far From Where I Weep' (below), which makes that initial excitement grow even bigger.

Lōwli - Far From Where I Weep (Live)

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