Sunday, 15 January 2017

EP: Dahlia - XII

Dahlia XII

Info: Dahlia are a brand new alternative rock four-piece from Downpatrick, comprising of Gareth Douglas (lead guitar, vox), David Douglas (rhythm guitar, vox), Jake Crane (bass) & Luke Papenfus (drums). The band have just recently released their debut EP, XII, a blend of contemporary alt-rock, hard rock and indie with a spatter of blues. 

The three track debut release is certainly a blend of many rock sub-genres, with opener 'Change' kicking proceedings off very nicely, a whirling in your face and crunching piece of powerhouse rock, with guitar solos and chord progressions echoing late 70's and early 80's styles. 'Love Me' is a more tender affair in comparison, with a slight folk hue, exhibiting the band's ability to switch tempo and sound with ease. Final track 'Flowers' is the most contemporary sounding song on XII, with a solid grounding in indie-rock, there's that blues strain again at the four-minute mark and as it reaches a hectic finale. A most competent debut from the Ulster band, from a part of the country that is brimming with high quality acts over the last few years.

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