Sunday, 15 January 2017

Single: o.ccult - Free

O.ccult - Free

O.ccult - Free

Info: o.ccult is a collaboration between electronic design and lo-fi songwriting.
Chen Firsel & AMO collaborated first as part of Memory in Plant back in 2014.
at the beginning of 2016 the two have started this new and minimalistic project. This is their child.

Israeli act Memory in Plant always laid the basis of their sound in minimalistic instrumentalism, incorparating psychedelia and ambient escapism to good effect, with the first single from their debut EP as o.ccult, Same, they have reached for a richer and more frontal electronic vibe, displayed without fuss here on the first single, 'Free'. The lyrics are also both poetic and very visual; 'Up, in the air, pulled apart by ghosts, pulled apart by ghosts, There in heaven, or hell, or whatever, or whatever, who wants to plant, a little red flower?' The synth progressions are also dark and wholesome, adding to an already enjoyably mellow and haunting track from the duo, top stuff.

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