Thursday, 5 January 2017

Playlist: Remy's Best of International Playlist - Issue #005

Shy Girls Why I Love Hit City USA
Shy Girls

AV AV AV - About You

Info: It's a mega bumper ride to open 2017 from across the globe, it's with no hesitation that I say that this is definitely the best compilation of independent international music to feature on the blog to date, and will be very tough to top. We have music from the excellent electronic trio AV AV AV from Copenhagen, plus a stack of tunes from the US, courtesy of Portland's Shy Girls, North Carolina's The Affectionates, as well as Silver Rose and Todavia from L.A.. From the U.K. there's Cocoa Futures who previously featured here, and a killer track from another London act, Severed Limb, with 'Bela Lugosi'. Representing the Southern Hemisphere is Melbourne's Fractures and his track, 'Fall Harder', and last but not least, from Edmonton, Canada, comes a beaut from The Velveteins, and their new single, 'Don't Yah Feel Better'. Enjoy!

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