Saturday, 7 January 2017

Video: Ganiyu - SHIVERS ft HUVA [Prod. Plant Food]

Ganiyu Shivers Plant Food HUVA

Ganiyu - SHIVERS ft HUVA [Prod. Plant Food]

Info: Ganiyu is an independent Indie Hip-Hop songwriter/vocalist whom spent most of his teen years growing up in the small town of Athy located in the south-east part of the Republic of Ireland. 

Realising at a young age that growth as an artist involved interacting with the surrounding community, taking part in musical event, competitions and vocalising within a number of different musical experimental collectives. After awakening his passion for creating he began to focus his energies on catching up studying worldly musicality’s and the approaches of various inspirational “artists” have taken on how to incorporating emotions into vocals and visuals. Still far from the end goal he continues to strive for and create with the hope to one day connect with listeners both in Ireland and worldwide audiences. Expect the lyrical contents of Ganiyu’s music to contain a deep sense of truth and honesty, helping listeners express what they would rather hold inside.

Irish hip-hop artist Ganiyu TLG has been making music in earnest for over four years now, regularly working with a variety of independent acts and producers such as Mike Lawal, and again here with HUVA and producer Plant Food. His lyrics are borne from the observational, life experienced and his surroundings, and the sound is fresh, touching points would be UK urban grime, but it's clear that he has begun forging his very own path over the last year or so. Previous tracks of note include the excellent and more electronic '5&6' which featured here last year, and the mellow and more old school sounds of 'Don't Look Outside' feat. HUVA also. Ganiyu is a most welcome and rising star on the already burgeoning Irish hip-hop scene, with 'Shivers' recently featuring on Nialler9's 'New Music' in The Irish Times.

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