Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Single: Ailbhe Reddy - Relent

Ailbhe Reddy Relent
Photo: CiarĂ¡n O'Brien / Design: Niamh Claffey

Ailbhe Reddy - Relent

Info: Dublin musician Ailbhe Reddy is a singer-songwriter who first began to attract attention when a homemade demo of her song 'Cover Me' which was used in a Today FM radio advert in 2014. Later that year her first single, 'Flesh & Blood' garnered excellent reviews from Irish blogs, and was featured as Song of the Day on the UK blog Folk Radio UK. Reddy has gone on to feature on every major Irish festival line up, such as Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Other Voices, Hard Working Class Heroes, Knockanstockan and Spirit of Folk.

Since the independent release of Reddy's hugely successful debut EP 'Hollowed Out Sea', it has received excellent reviews and extensive radio play on TXFM, Today FM, 98FM and Dublin City FM. It has also been streamed over 1 MILLION times on Spotify. The first single, 'Distrust' received glowing reviews and lead to Ailbhe being named as Artist of the Week in The Irish Times. Influential UK industry newsletter Record of the Day recently featured the song stating ‘prepare to be floored….it’s wonderful’.

By the end of Ailbhe Reddy's latest single 'Relent', the tempo and impact of both music and vocals are well, unrelenting, in a highly energetic way. Beginning with a swooning intro, the power in Reddy's voice is instant and from this early point, to the forefront of the listener's ears. Whereas previous singles such as 'Distrust' and 'Keepsake' were shorn from an indie folk-rock hue, 'Relent' experiments a lot more with deep and dark soundscapes and subtle electronic layers. Reddy's strengths are all on display here, ease moving between vocal ranges, seamlessly allowing the movement of the music to wander into different spaces and styles and ultimately unleashing force with memorable aplomb. Early forays into the UK music consciousness with her last EP will easily be built upon noticeably with the release of 'Relent' as her momentum and ambition show no signs of being halted whatsoever.

Ailbhe Reddy plays The Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston, London on Wednesday the 15th of February, and The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2, exactly a week later, on the 22nd of February.

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