Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Single: Franklyn - Friends / Tongue Tied

Franklyn Friends
Photo: Declan Gallen

Franklyn - Friends

Info: Franklyn is Owen, Enda, Stephen and Paul. Having played in various projects in recent years (Owen, Enda and Stephen were in General Fiasco, Paul the Jane Bradfords), the Belfast, N.Ireland based 4 piece got together in late 2015 to see what would happen. After a few sparse writing sessions, they played their first gig in February 2016. Various recording sessions throughout the year and shows with the likes of Idlewild and Twin Atlantic followed.

I can't remember the people, I can probably guess who they might have been...but when you're farting about between acts at live gigs which I tend to do, sometimes names of certain bands come up repeatedly, 'Have you heard of Franklyn' was definitely uttered to me at different venues, on different dates, repeatedly, either I heard it said a lot or my 1000mg cod liver oil tablets are starting to work a treat, I'll go for the former.

Joking aside, Belfast four-piece Franklyn have released a pitch-perfect double-A in 'Friends' / 'Tongue Tied', the almost lethargic vocals provide a very laidback balance to the more anthemic moments on 'Friends', some deliciously searing lead-guitar at 2:21 get you right down inside their groove. A very careful listen also unveils some wonderful minimal bass-runs, all in all a classic indie-rock single. 

 Franklyn - Tongue Tied

Trying to decide between 'Friends' and 'Tongue Tied' as a favourite is difficult, as both are quite difference, but on first listen, the latter very much appeals to my personal tastes, it's laced with bone fide late 60's / early 70's rock tones, with a dash of The Strokes, the olive in your Martini. And it's here that I'm seeing what the hot fuss is all about, it's always rewarding to hear a band know what a great and solid rock piece should sound like, but in addition be able to pull it off too. Based on these two tracks I would very happily listen to an entire album of similar sounds, the key for Franklyn might be to stick adherently to their current course but maintain the abandon which clearly exists in between both tracks, be bold and focused at the same time, basically.

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