Thursday, 9 February 2017

EP: Electric Shore - Glass

Electric Shore Glass EP

Electric Shore - Glass

Info: Meath three-piece Electric Shore have just released their second EP Glass, following on from 2015's Lights extended play. It's immediately noticeable on opening track 'P.S.' that were listening to a most enjoyable homage to 80's pop-punk, a style that is quite rarely touched on by Irish bands. There's a fulsome classic feel to the start of the EP, it's crunching drum intro and very early raw U2 sound veers quickly into an electro-swing feel with some nice perky bass-lines and echoed guitar effects, and vocals that doff their cap to Simple Minds' Jim Kerr.

The title-track maintains the swagger of the opener, but with a more down-tempo mood, again there is some very nice correlation between bass and drums. The atmosphere is contemplative and subdued in a good way, and Ryan Hill's vocals pack quite a punch, by track's end you do feel it may be perhaps 30 seconds to a minute too long, but on a three-track release this isn't necessarily an excess overall.

'Wasting Time' wraps up proceedings and it would definitely be between this and 'P.S.' for the best track of the three. At this point you notice that all three band members are able to suitably make adjustments to their individual sound as well as the overall aesthetic of Glass, there's a very nice amount of variance to be had here. Electric Shore also execute changes in pace throughout their songs with relative ease and it sounds tight and well thought out. This final track leaves you with all of the right feelings and reflections on their sound, which is a fine achievement from a band who are showing much promise already.

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