Friday, 10 February 2017

Interview: The Arteries - Episode #007 - with Remy

The Arteries Interview with Remy Connolly

Info: A couple of months ago the tables were turned a wee bit and I was interviewed by the excellent Irish arts & culture podcast, The Arteries, run by musicians Noël Duplaa (CFIT, Not Monsters and more) and David Cantan (Glomar). I really enjoyed, and was grateful, for the opportunity to share my thoughts about everything music.

The Arteries is a weekly podcast where we interview creative people about how and why they do what they do. We talk to visual artists, musicians, painters, photographers, illustrators, authors, poets, and anyone that works in the arts, about their life, their influences and inspirations, and the motivations behind their endeavours.

Each week on the show Noël Duplaa and his guest discuss their unique outlook and the experiences that lead them to pursue an artistic life. The conversation is all about getting to know each artist and what makes them tick and can go in any direction, from the practical, to the personal, to the unashamedly philosophical, making for an interesting and individual interview every time.

I discussed my lifelong passion for music, through the stages and the ages of my life, obsession with The Frames in my late teens and early twenties, guitar lessons in Walton's, and a lot of Radiohead and U2, as well as a bit about what goes on around here on the blog!

Do check out the rest of The Arteries interviews with photographers, artists, musicians, film-makers, poets, and others involved in various aspects of Irish music and the arts in general.

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