Thursday, 16 February 2017

EP: Tuath - Things I Don't Know

Tuath Things I Don't Know

Info: Tuath is a progressive noise rock quintuplet that utilizes computers and other traditional rock and jazz instruments from Galway, Dublin and Donegal. Tuath's first EP was entirely in Irish, and their current EP, Things I Don't Know, was driven by a desire to release an organic blend of Irish language sean-nós style vocals on top of math rock, psych rock and afro blues.

Things I Don't Know is doomy and gloomy in all the right ways, ticking all of the right boxes. Opener 'Stoically, I Ran Through The Rubble' mixes late 70's and early 80's post-punk moods with further down the line mid-90's rock, Therapy? meets The Cure whilst chatting to Depeche Mode, and strangely it's darkness is unusually calming. 

'Seacht Seachtaine' ('Seven Weeks') drops deeper into the darkness, and a mysterious underworld of confusion and isolation. Lightly scattered electronic sounds nervously make themselves heard before the distortion kicks in and forces the track forwards into a cacophony of progressive hard rock, guitar riffs motoring like an industrial engine, it's an in your face moment on the EP.

Carl Sagan welcomes us into the title track, with Tuath providing a momentary space for contemplation, the expected build-up to raucousness never arrives, and I think this works well as it leads nicely into the final track, 'Superhighway To Ignorance'. A poignant title for the times we live in, where ignorance is truth. Like the tensed grip on an arrow before it's released, a cascade of percussion and guitars swarm around the distant vocals, reminding me of the more chaotic moments on a Spiritualized or (relatively) newer Primal Scream album. The crux of Things I Don't Know is atmosphere, everything else spins away haphazardly from that central point, and Tuath craft all of those elements so well on their third EP.

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