Sunday, 12 February 2017

Single: Perhapsy - O, Su Yung

Perhapsy O, Su Yung

Perhapsy - O, Su Yung

Info: Perhapsy is the solo project of musician Derek Barber, guitarist and songwriter of Astronauts, etc., Bells Atlas, and Madeline Kenney. Active since his college years as a Jazz Studies major at the University of Michigan, Perhapsy has been the main creative outlet for Barber outside playing in various other Oakland-based bands.

"O, Su Yung" is a driving, post-punk ghost story. Complete with its swirling intro, a propelling guitar riff, sudden moodiness, and a feedback-laden guitar solo erupting into J Mascis-like reverie, the track is wrapped around one big melodic hook. While evoking a particularly haunted atmosphere, however, the song also rings with a certain exuberance.

Almost a year ago I had the pleasure of indulging in and reviewing Derek Barber, aka Perhapsy's, solo album, Me Tie Dough-ty Walker, with his single releases also contributing very nicely to the great international content we had on the blog in 2016. With new single, 'O, Su Yung', Perhapsy bounces back with aplomb, it's so vibrant and happiness-inducing, and whilst none was required, a marked improvement on his sound. The enhanced production gives it a more warm and familiar feel, wholesome and with it's rapid trundling lo-fi cymbals and guitar strumming it has the ability to lift you instantaneously. Barber's latest collection of tracks will be released in March, on his EP, The, which is available for pre-order here

From last year's album, 'All My Soul Swallowed';

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