Sunday, 12 February 2017

Video: Sundara Karma - Flame

Sundara Karma Flame

Sundara Karma - Flame

Info: 'Flame' was inspired by Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave, in which a prisoner is facing a wall full of shadows from a fire behind him, believing the shadows to be reality. It’s only when released from the cave that he sees the full sunlit picture of the world. Lead singer Oscar Pollock says, "Ever since I heard that story I thought it was crazy, especially how old and relevant it still is." Of the video, Oscar says, "Michael (the director) and I fell in love. We wanted to make something to resemble our relationship, something that would be eternal. At times it felt like the whole world was against us."

Reading four-piece Sundara Karma are an act that piqued my interest from the first time I heard them, a quantifiably enjoyable retro-80's pop sound delivered with a sense of relinquishment, they're happy if you're happy. It's hard not to be once again with their latest single 'Flame', ripples of Tears for Fears echo through the track, and it has has a swaggered groove that visually simulates slow-motion dance. There's also a Nordic quality to their sound, it's undecidedly not English, a douse of Scandinavian mysticism warps around the vocals and recurring guitar riffs. It really does take no effort whatsoever to enjoy Sundara Karma's music, as evidenced by previous releases 'She Said' and 'Loveblood'. 

'Flame' features on Sundara Karma's debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, which is out now. 

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