Thursday, 2 February 2017

Premiere: The Clockworks - You Are The Problem

The Clockworks You Are The Problem

The Clockworks - You Are The Problem

Info: We're very proud, nay, delighted, to premiere the latest single from indie-punk band The Clockworks, 'You Are The Problem'. Fresh from a gig in lead-singer James McGregor's home city of London, the Galway act's next stop is a headline show upstairs in Whelan's this coming Saturday, 4th of February. Their rise over the last 12 months has been fairly meteoric, slinging out incredibly catchy singles such as 'Girls Like You' and the delicious 'Mazda', The Clockworks are amassing a solid fan base and can count among them the likes of independent Irish music champion, 2FM DJ Dan Hegarty. 

So how do you build on the success of such a swash-buckling single as 'Mazda'? Simples, you extract the winning DNA from that track and whip the tempo and guitars up a few notches, which is exactly what we instantly notice and love on 'You Are The Problem'. The thing that makes their sound so attractive is how they sound like a punk band from the early 80's, but there is no one from the era you could really, definitively compare them too. As their sound develops, they also seem to innately and naturally absorb strands of other related genres, such as a reggae-style bass, and a harder punk guitar and drum sound, all coming courtesy of Prendergast, Connelly and Greaney respectively. The Clockworks are genuinely a band whose every single release should be welcomed with unflinching open arms and a smiling embrace, nothing can stop their juggernaut now.

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