Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Single: Myles Manley - Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town

Myles Manley Relax by Conor O'Toole
Photo: Conor O'Toole

Myles Manley - Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town

Info: "Relax; Enjoy your night upon the town!" with this utterance Myles Manley is being at once both sincere and fatalistic. "I always knew I was the best!" says the dashing and supercilious young artist with a smile, "but at certain points I realise that that might not really be the case. It is always the case though."

Myles Manley makes idiosyncratic folk music on guitar with rhythms and colours snatched from various places, most recently Eric B and Rakim, Micachu and The Shapes, Moondog, The Clash's 'Sandinista', Jinx Lennon, Frankie Cosmos, etc. "I started listening to a lot of early hiphop for some reason and what I loved about it was the clunkiness of the sounds, and the excitement you can hear at a whole new world of opportunities. I bought an MPC and started making idiot beats late at night that I'd write songs to. I've always had an ear for weird rhythms and I was able to make stuff that you'd never come up with rehearsing in a room with a drummer."

The ever affable Sligo gentleman Myles Manley has just released the video for his forthcoming latest single, 'Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town', and why not? The off-beat track with it's deliberately out of time percussion and beat brings forth imagery of a black and white silent cartoon, with an array of animals walking around in the most unnerving manner as though they were bipeds. Manley certainly achieves that clunky sound he's been enjoying lately, with parts sounding like a retro video game soundtrack, but instead of using digitised wizardry we're given plonky sounds achieved through striking unusual hollow wooden mediums that are hard to define. Never dull, always enjoyable, 'Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town' is another moment where Manley manages to successfully bring an awkward smile to our faces, job done.

"Relax; enjoy your night upon the town" is set for release on February 17th via Dublin's Little L Records, available on 7" and all major digital platforms.

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