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Single: August Wells - Go To Work

August Wells Go To Work

August Wells - Go To Work

Info: "When you wake up go to work,
come home go to sleep, 
wake up and go to work again,
a man can go around the bend 
and you’re whole life can start to feel stolen"

So intones August Wells’ Ken Griffin setting a familiar scene of the long hours and short days that resemble the work week in dreary January. Remaining upbeat in their latest release, ‘Go To Work’, August Wells rail against monotony, against indifference and urge us to find purpose. The New York-based August Wells are set to make a welcome return to these shores in February and March of 2017 to promote their album Madness is the Mercy.

Possibly their most radio friendly track to date, the new single ‘Go To Work’ features John Rauchenberger’s piano accompaniment, perfectly capturing the mood, embellished with flute and a band that entwines the worlds of both New York and Ireland in its storytelling. The single will resonate with fans for its dark sense of humour no matter where they are.

The merry and almost carnival atmosphere of August Wells' latest single, 'Go To Work', is most appropriate, together Griffin and Rauchenberger seem to deliberately trivialise the futility of being trapped in the hum-drum of (to be a little extreme, perhaps!), modern Western slavery. It's a satirical approach which works very well, almost goading an unknown protagonist who perhaps thinks he's better than all of this, it's beneath him and he will one day achieve his aspirations, but when? As each Monday circles around, he's another week deeper in the machine. If you didn't understand English you would feel your heart lifted after listening to 'Go To Work', and depart with a smile on your face, thankfully you can indulge in both the moribund and happy here in equal measure, which I think is exactly what the pair had in mind, and achieved.

August Wells have only three dates remaining of their Irish tour below;

March 09 – Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny
March 10 – The Spirit Store, Dundalk
March 11 – The Workman’s Club, Dublin

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