Saturday, 25 March 2017

Single: THUMPER - The Loser


THUMPER - The Loser

Info: THUMPER are a noise-pop quartet from Dublin, delivering bubblegum pop through a wall of sonic death. With a reputation for raucous and frenzied live shows, 2 EPs full of lo-fi ear worms (think Sonic Youth vs Abba), and penchant for howling feedback and pounding rhythm, this is a band u'll love 2 love.

THUMPER have played alongside several Irish contemporaries such as Squarehead, Fangclub, Raglans, OTHERKIN & Bitch Falcon (with the latter two featuring on the single "Rent Is Due"), as well as with The Amazons and Rough Trade's The Prettiots. Summer 2016 saw THUMPER release their second EP 'Magnum Opuss' on Little L Records, and appear at several festivals including Electric Picnic (IE), Knockanstockan (IE), Other Voices and TRUCK Festival (UK). 

Magnum Opuss was subsequently featured in the top 10 EPs of 2016 by The Last Mixed Tape, REMY and District Magazine, with the single 'Dan The Man' also featuring in The Thin Air & District Magazine's top 100 songs of 2016.

No, no! You don't need to get a new pair of headphones, your jack isn't dusty brother, it's just the new single from THUMPER. Opening with a riff that sounds like a variation of Status Quo's 'Pictures of Matchstick Men', THUMPER add yet another layer of fuzz and distortion on top of their sound on 'The Loser'. It's unsurprisingly raucous, and we'd be devastated if it wasn't, the chorus line of 'I am a loser baby, lose yourself with me' is simple yet genius in equal measure. It's another cracking single from a band who have effortlessly found themselves to be one of the most talked about acts on the Irish music scene at present, and that bass solo at 2:05, Christ on a bike.

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