Saturday, 25 March 2017

Video: Oh Pep! - Crazy Feels

Oh Pep! Crazy Feels
Photo: Wilk

Oh Pep! - Crazy Feels

Info: Melbourne folk-pop duo Oh Pep! recently released a video for their track, 'Crazy Feels', from their debut album, Stadium Cake. The video is illustrated by digital artist Sergio Pastore – "In creating this video, my main inspiration came from the music and the lyrics of the song. I think the choice of colors - but also the background design - reflects in some way the slightly-tense mood of the music. The storyline, and the way the characters interact, clearly reflects the relationship difficulties of our times."

Oh Pep! further explains "this song is pretty much summed up by the last line: 'You can choose who the first to lose is'. A seemingly inescapable but inevitably doomed interaction." 

'Crazy Feels' is a euphoric musical experience, it's an honest and straight up track from Oh Pep!. If you mashed Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan with Lana Del Rey, and threw in a bit of First Aid Kit, this is somewhere close to where you would be, and that's probably as close as I could attempt to get to what I'm hearing. Strings with occasional flat key notes, electronic percussion, and massively soothing harmonies all combine to create the perfect happy / sad balancing act. 

Oh Pep! paid a visit to Ireland last year with a sold out show in Whelan's and we do hope they'll return again soon.

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